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About our Product

Fisher Joe's Lure Productstm; is the maker of the Narrows' Deceptortm. This product originated in the Pacific Northwest where saltwater salmon fishing is a leading sport among fishermen.

The Narrows' of Puget Sound near Tacoma Washington is home for schools of herring that supply folks who love to fish bait for salmon, halibut, and rockfish. These schools of herring also play an important role in the area as food for returning salmon to their native spawning grounds.

The color of these herring when alive, are unmatched to any herring found in any frozen form or fresh. These herring display brilliant pearlescent bodies with colorful green backs. If there is any scales removed, such as with a herring that has been injured, but still alive, the injury will turn a brilliant cobalt blue. Once a herring dies, these colors change to colors less desirable to feeding fish. For example, the bright green back of the herring turns to dull green and eventually dark grey. Check out what a frozen herring's back looks like.

The idea for the Narrows' Deceptortm was to create a fishing lure that closely resembles saltwater herring and Great Lakes Alewife in color and action, as well as not be attractive to shark species. The body is made from ABS plastic produced by an injection mold, holes are then drilled, and then the color finishes are applied.

The Narrows' Deceptortm consistently out fishes its fresh and frozen counterparts in field tests, when fishing for salmon or bottom fish. The Narrows' Deceptortm works well with a standard store bought two hook salmon leader ranging in 6 lb test and up, or you may choose to use a siwash hook attached to you line and threaded through the lower hole. The lighter the leader, the better the action. Bevel cut version is a fast roll at approx. 2-3 knots. Great for fast action Coho, or mooching for kings at lower speeds. Whole version has slow roll at approx 2-3 knots with sporadic darting action. Produced in pearl with gold over the green back, and the sizes available represent actual size of herring in whole and before bevel cut (plug cut).

The Narrows' Deceptortm went thru a color change in December of 2008. The Narrows' Deceptortm used to come in four colors, now it comes in pearl with gold on it green back. This revised combination has a closer resemblance to the real thing, and should improve it's visibility under low light and brackish rivers.
Available Combinations
Bevel Cut Application & Depth Whole Application & Depth
5" Winter Chinook, Coho 5"   Winter Chinook, Coho
6"  Summer Chinook, Coho 6"   Halibut, lings



Here are various examples on how to rig the lure

Bevel Cut Rigged with siwash hook

Bevel Cut Rigged with two hook salmon leader

Whole Rigged with two hook salmon leader