Our Success Stories

This is a list of Success stories by those who have used the Narrow's DeceptorTM

"I was impressed how well it outfished herring!"
Terry Rudnick, Pacific Northwest Sportswriter and author of several books. Visit http://www.foghorn.com/authors/rudnick.html

"We received a couple of Fisher Joe's lures here in Victoria, British Columbia. They are a fantastic product and looks identical to the herring that we were previously using. We would recommend this fantastic lure to any salmon or bottom fishing."
Joe Lewis, Owner of Smokin' Joe's SeaFoods, Victoria B.C. http://www.mysmokedsalmon.com/

"That is a great looking lure!"
Owen Bird, Marketing Chairman, Fishing with Shelly and Courtney.

"My bait boy put one of those Narrows' Deceptors on one of our rods, that guy caught four nice kings in a row, I want more of those!"
Dave Clemens, Skipper, MARR-B-III Sea Breeze Charters, Ilwaco, Washington (360) 642-2300

"Not Bad! It works for me!"
Phil Wilson, Winner of a daily progressive Salmon Derby, Ilwaco, Washington, August 1997

"I like the angle and hook placement. That horizontal hook placement through the bevel has given me good action!"
Jerry Shimek, Salmon Fishing instructor, Tacoma Washington.

"Joe, fished your 5" bevel in Alaska last week and did well for both kings and silvers. Your product is well designed and well made. Congratulations and good luck.
Gary Marshall, Seattle Washington. August 21, 2006.

Joe, I like using your lure behind my product, I have done real well with the two.
Al Hazelquist, Former Owner Big Al's Tackle Company. Home of the famous Fish Flash.
Visit http://www.yakimabait.com/

Joe, Trolled Lake Ontario 6-5-07 using the bevel cut Deceptors, they were killer on the Steelhead.

Thanks for a great product, will be ordering again soon.

Mark Fike, Frostburg Maryland. July 18, 2007