Tips on fishing with the Narrows' DeceptorTM

The Narrows' DeceptorTM comes in two styles. They are:

Whole version: This lure is best used at a medium to fast troll (3+ knots). The whole Narrows' DeceptorTM will dart from side to side followed by rotation. Different speeds will produce different action. This erratic action will draw the natural predatory instinct of fish to strike.

Bevel cut version: This style has an easy roll. This is the same roll achieved in a properly cut plug herring. Like a plug cut herring, a roll is achieved at the most minimum of speeds (1+ knots). With the bevel cut Narrows' DeceptorTM, faster the speed, faster the roll. This version is great for mooching for kings, slow trolling for kings, and fast roll for fast action coho.

Most fish use several senses to search for food. Those are: 
Sound/Vibrations: The action of the Narrows' DeceptorTM produces movement in the water in which translates into sound and vibrations. Some fish species including salmon zero in on these combined senses. Flashers used in the Northwest also produce sound and vibrations. For added effectiveness, use a flasher off a downrigger ball when trolling with a downrigger, or with the bevel cut version behind a spin type of flasher on the main line.
Sight: Once the fish has detected sound and vibration, and has located the source, the action of the Narrows' DeceptorTM imitating a food fish draws the fish closer. Because of the coloring of the Narrows' DeceptorTM, and the action it produces, the fish's instinct to feed starts to kick in.
Smell: I recommend the addition of scents where this will not be a problem with shark or dogfish. Shrimp, followed by herring scents, are my favorite attractants for salmon in the Pacific Ocean. I tend to use jellied types of attractants because jellied attractants will stay on the lure for extended periods. A scent stick, such as a pipe cleaner with your favorite oil or recipe, can also be used by inserting it into a hole not being used. Also, wash your hands before handling the lure as pizza is a favorite of not just the fisherman.
Color characteristics of herring:


Bevel Cut Application & Depth Whole Application & Depth
5" Winter Chinook, Coho 5"   Winter Chinook, Coho
6"  Summer Chinook, Coho 6"   Halibut, lings


Fisher Joe's favorite fishing methods.

This an example of Using a downrigger setup. This is the method I use the most, using the length from the release clip to the lure from 6 - 10 feet.

When the water is somewhat low in visibility, I like to put on a Big Al's Fish Flash. This improves the performance of the lure when distance from the boat/downrigger ball to the lure needs to be further. Big Al's fish flash is available in most tackle stores. If not, visit his site at . He will ensure some of his flashers will get to you.
When one wants to motor mooch, or downriggers are not available, this is the best method.