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  The Narrows' Deceptor produced by Fisher Joe's Lure Products from the Pacific Northwest is a great saltwater and freshwater fishing lure for salmon, lake trout, halibut, and lingcod. This lure has also been effective for Atlantic Salmon from the East Coast, and has been used in Sweden as well.
  The Narrows' Deceptor comes in two styles, whole and bevel cut (cut plug). The whole version is great for Halibut, Lingcod, and other bottom fish, while the bevel cut is the direct ticket for Salmon.

Fisher Joe's is the maker of the Narrows' Deceptor.TM

The Narrows' Deceptor is gaining success as the next best thing to herring for great saltwater salmon fishing!

The owner and two of his buds

"That is a great looking lure!"

Owen Bird, Marketing Chairman, Fishing with Shelly and Courtney.